National Geographic launches its TikTok account with a video of Costa Rican beauty


  • In the video, explorer and filmmaker Filipe DeAndrade says that he will show viewers the most charismatic creatures the country has to offer.

Thursday, March 25, 2021- Costa Rica had the honor of being selected by the prestigious magazine and media outlet National Geographic to launch its TikTok account, which posted a 39-second video this morning showing the country’s “most charismatic creatures”.

A vivdly colored mackaw, humpback whales and sea turtles play a starring role in the video by Brazilian filmmaker Filipe DeAndrade, who introduces the official launch of the #NatGeo TikTok account with a waterfall behind him. He later appears shouting “Pura Vida!” as he paddles a raft through rapids.

“This news fills us with satisfaction since they confirm Costa Rica’s position as a destination based on biodiversity, a sanctuary for sustainability, and the ideal tourist destination to reconnect with what is truly essential,” said Gustavo Seguro, Minister of Tourism.

DeAndrade also shared the video on his personal Instagram account, where it has garnered some 2,863 views. The post contained the following message: “@natgeo is on TikTok... meet us in the jungle, under a waterfall or blasting down a river. Anywhere there are animals, you can find me there.”

According to his biography on Instagram, Filipe is an Emmy-winning camera operator and has worked for companies such as Netflix and Disney.

Just a few hours after opening its TikTok channel, NatGeo already had over 12,000 followers.


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