Administrative Department

Properly manages the resources of the Institution to maximize their usage, so that the different areas comply with their functions, strictly adhering to the valid legislation.

Ensure the proper use of the financial and administrative resources through the appropriate support of the substantive areas of the Institution.

Objective of the Process:

Offer supporting services to contribute in the compliance of institutional tasks, preserve the good state of fixed and intangible assets, and establish measures to guarantee the physical integrity of employees and visitors through continuous improvement of the buildings. Some of his tasks are:

  • Facilitate general services required for the execution of activities that have been appointed to other dependencies of the Institute.
  • Administer refurbishments and/or improvements in the facilities, according to the demands of Institute collaborators.
  • Provide water, electricity, telephone, terrestrial transport inside the country, surveillance, and cleaning services, as well as other services that guarantee an optimal stay for both, the employees and the users of the institution (procurement and maintenance of air conditioning, fumigation services, maintenance of extinguisher, maintenance or green areas, among other.)
  • Handle correspondence, administer tourism services fees (Law 6990), accommodation, and rental vehicles.
  • Administer fixed and intangible assets of the Institution.
  • Administer the vehicle fleet of the Institution.
  • Establish administrative standards and policies.
Última Modificación: 24/05/2024.
Instituto Costarricense de Turismo