Directorate of Tourism Development and Planning

The purpose of this unit is to lead planning processes for tourism development in the country, to generate information for decision-making processes, to plan and inspect the maritime-terrestrial zone, to monitor the plans, and to develop competitive initiatives in the tourism sector.

One of its main objectives is to manage the construction process of the tourism plans as agreed technical instruments for public management, for which procedures are developed and implemented to design plans, manage information and discussion channels with the private sector, coordinate with Corporate Chambers, coordinate with other State institutions, and consultation and discussion processes.

The Directorate is primarily in charge of keeping the different plans updated, like the land use general plan in the ZMT, development plans by planning units, municipal action plans, tourism roads and circuit plans, coastal regulation plans, and in particular, the national tourism plan, incorporating changes and adjustments as deemed necessary in virtue of the changing situations of the environment, promoting the design and establishing policies that will orient tourism development, and managing and administrating space for tourism in the country.

The management supervises two dependencies directly:

Tourism Planning Department

Tourism Development Department

Última Modificación: 24/05/2024.
Instituto Costarricense de Turismo