Management and Advisory Department

The main purpose of this division is to provide different clients with information and assistance on issues related to the inclusion of various businesses and activities in the tourism field. It also deals with procedures related to tax incentives in accordance with current regulations, policies and strategies. In addition, it is responsible for implementing tourism competitiveness programs.

Department objective:

To supply various investors and business leaders with information and assistance on issues related to the tourism sector, carrying out the procedures to deal with their requests in accordance with current regulations, policies and strategies.

Processes performed by the department:

  • Advising on application procedures for Tourism Incentives and other incentives arising from the benefits granted under the Law on Incentives for Tourism Development.
  • Providing information and advice to tourism businesses on obtaining a Tourism Declaration, allowing them to apply for the benefits of the Tourism Contract and other procedures administered by this agency.
  • Carrying out monitoring and inspections on-site with the purpose of verifying establishments’ compliance of the Tourism Declaration or Tourism Contract with the existing legislation, namely the Regulation of Tourism Businesses and Activities or the Regulation to the Incentive Law and its amendments, as well as other government agencies.
  • Handling procedures for Ordinary Administrative Procedures with respect to the revocation or possible sanctions to businesses with a Tourism Declaration or Contract.
  • Handling tax settlement and vehicle fleet substitution procedures for vehicle rental companies.
  • Reviewing Annual Reports and Purchase Plans in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation to Law no. 6990 and its amendments.
  • Coordinating established control procedures with other agencies (Ministry of the Treasury, IMAS) with respect to donations of exonerated goods.
  • Monitoring the quality system in force and evaluating, classifying and advising various businesses and tourism activities based on established official guidelines and the appropriate distribution of evaluation manuals.
  • Informing and advising various sectoral groups by communicating current tourism legislation, policies and strategies.
  • Preparing queries made by state institutions and the general public.
  • Approving the accreditation of Tourist Guides in accordance with the legal provisions in force.
  • Advising tourism transportation business leaders on the procedures to obtain the Certificate of Land Transportation for Tourists granted by this Department.
  • Inspecting and verifying compliance among businesses that have obtained the Certificate of Land Transportation for Tourists.
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