Costa Rican Ministry of Health continues monitoring to prevent methanol poisoning


  • No domestic or international tourists have been affected, Health Ministry reports

The Ministry of Health of the Government of Costa Rica, in collaboration with other authorities, is continuing to work to prevent new cases of methanol poisoning due to the consumption of tainted alcohol.

In total, 72 patients have been hospitalized with methanol poisoning, of whom 26 have died. The most recent death occurred on August 1, after which date no new deaths have been reported. The deceased include 19 men and 7 women.

The Ministry of Health is continuing its regular monitoring, in the course of which around 65,500 bottles of banned liquor have been removed from stores, belonging to the following brands: “Guaro Montano”, “Guaro Chonete”, “Guaro Cuerazo”, “Guaro Sacheto”, “Guaro Gran Apache”, “Aguardiente Estrella Roja”, “Aguardiente Barón Rojo”, “Aguardiente Timbuka” and “Aguardiente Molotov”.

No tourists have been affected by the tainted alcohol in Costa Rica, though the Ministry of Health is making a renewed call to locals and foreigners not to consume or purchase the brands covered by the health warning until the ban is lifted.

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