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    2017 - 2021

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Maritime Terrestrial Zone

Revises the technical component included in the Concessions Dossiers sent by the coastal municipalities so ICT can issue an institutional guarantee, for the subscription of the Concession in the Public Registry, using the information from the valid regulating plans, and other official information sent to ICT

Use Systems designed for concession dossier revision processes, use specialized software to perform its tasks like Geographic Information Systems to perform national planning tasks, in both, coastal zones and the interior of the country, use Global Positioning Systems, and Autocad.

Also, this section includes the Law on the Maritime Terrestrial Zone, Law No. 6043 and its Regulation.

pdf Ley sobre la zona marítimo terrestre (67 KB)

Law No. 6043 from March 2, 1917, published in Annex No. 36 in La Gaceta No. 52 from March 16, 1977.

pdf Reglamento a la ley sobre la zona marítimo terrestre (170 KB)

No. 7841-P from December 16, 1977, published in La Gaceta No. 3 from January 4, 1978.

pdf Reglamento para el tramite de visado planos para la construcción de edificaciones en la zona marítimo terrestre (31 KB)

No. 29307-MP-J-MIVAH-S-MEIC-TUR- 26 from January 2001, published in La Gaceta No. 36 from February 20, 2001.

pdf Formulario de Solicitud de Concesión 1 (544 KB)

pdf Formulario de Solicitud de Concesión 2 (474 KB)

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Maritime Terrestrial Zone

Coastal Regulation Plan

Provincia Guanacaste

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Provincia Limón

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Coastal Regulation Plan Manual

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Coastal Regulation Plan Management Manual

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