• Plan Nacional de Desarrollo
  • Plan Nacional de Desarrollo Turístico

    2017 - 2021

    Plan Nac. Desarrollo Turístico


Marketing Directorate

The purpose of this area is to execute all those marketing and promotion actions defined by the Institution, and provide follow-up.

Objective of the Process:

Execute activities related to advertising Costa Rica as a tourism destination in both, national and international scopes.

This area is in charge of the following processes:

  • Participation in international fairs and events to strengthen the image and positioning of the destination, and negotiate to incorporate Costa Rica in the marketing chain.
  • Tourism Expo Fair Programs.
  • Cooperative Campaign Program and relations with wholesalers and airlines.
  • Public relations in national and international scopes, to promote and manage the image of the destination.
  • Assist international press groups touring the country that will offer exposure of tourism products in the media by unpaid advertising.
  • Assistance for "fam trips" of international travel agencies or wholesalers, in coordination with tour operators and associations, through which the destination and the attractions of the country are exposed, and knowledge about group facilities is provided.
  • Promotional presentations of Costa Rica as a destination for international travel agencies, in order to provide the needed tools to contribute to the marketing of the destinations and generate more visits.
  • Support commercial partners, chambers, associations, and private companies in national events related to the promotion and tourism activities in different zones.
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