• Plan Nacional de Desarrollo
  • Plan Nacional de Desarrollo Turístico

    2017 - 2021

    Plan Nac. Desarrollo Turístico


National Events (Expoferias)

Tourism Expoferias is a community tourism development program that encourages local marketing mechanisms by promoting tourist attractions from the area. It recovers and revitalizes cultural traditions, reactivates local economies, widens the cultural tourism offer, generates entrepreneurship in micro and small companies, develops and positions destinations related to products that provide identity to places, and generates other results that benefit local development.

The organization of the fair is in charge of the communities in alliance with the interested sectors; every event must have 25% tourism, 25% culture, 25% products in the area, and 25% environment. Includes activities that highlight tourism values in the cultural area, some of the most distinguished are the patron's saint day celebrations and cultural fairs, carnivals, environmental fairs, cultural festivals, gastronomy, craftsmanship, agro-industrial products from the area, traditional games, among others.

Since this program began in 1988, more than 12 events take place per year in the Tourism Planning Units. ICT's accompaniment includes counseling, promotion, training, and evaluation to carry out these events in a period of 5 years. Within this time frame the destination should be positioned with its attractions, through the creation of an image to represent it, together with sustainability.

The efforts strengthen alliances that support promotional actions, training, and finance, as well as integration to collect resources, considering quality, and cost-benefit ratio. Different "Expoferias" across the country, and all year long, help bring closer the offer and demand of entrepreneurs from the different tourist zones where they promote, exhibit, and sell their products and services.

The program consolidates ideal spaces to remind Costa Ricans about the extraordinary wealth of our products, the current tourist offer, and teach new generations the importance of protecting our roots and appreciate what we are capable of producing and offering.

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