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ICT announces a new flight to Costa Rica from Portugal


  • Ávoris will begin operations in April, connecting Lisbon, Portugal with San José, Costa Rica.  

Ávoris, a company in the Barceló Group, confirmed that beginning in April, it will fly to Costa Rica from Lisbon with an Airbus 330-300, with a capacity of 338 passengers and one flight per week. The flight will be operated by the Evelop airline, which belongs to the Barceló group.

The arrival of this flight from Portugal is part of the efforts that the Costa Rican Tourism Board is undertaking to promote the country as a tourism destination. Evelop's arrival to the country increases the number of airlines flying to Costa Rica from Europe to nine.

In response to the announcement, the Minister of Tourism, Mauricio Ventura, noted the importance of promoting Costa Rica as a destination in Europe: "Barceló Group's decision to fly to Costa Rica using Evelop Airlines is the result of a strategy that includes the strengthening and retention of airlines, the attraction of visitors to the country (by means of new tourism products, the attraction of highly profitable markets, and promotional and marketing operations) and the development of tourist infrastructure".

For his part, Ricardo Fernández, Marketing Director for Ávoris, said: "In recent years, Costa Rica has become a very attractive tourist destination for many tourists from Portugal, and Europe in general. We are happy to announce the beginning of our operations in Costa Rica, and, of course, we also welcome Costa Ricans who will be able to travel to Portugal".

Among the characteristics of this market, it should be noted that the peak season in Portugal corresponds to Costa Rica's low season, a fact that a reliable partner like Barceló can help tap into.

Costa Rica's debut as a destination is part of the company's efforts to increase the number of passengers by 5-7%. These are two of the goals that Evelop, the airline belonging to Ávoris (Barceló Group) has set for 2018.

During the first year, the route to Costa Rica will operate using tour operators, after which, depending on its results, it may begin to operate as a regular line.

The company, which was founded in 2013 to give more independence to the tourist operators of the Group, is continuing its transformation to become a regular airline. Its latest milestone has been its joining the International Air Transport Association (IATA), a step with which they hope to enter more easily into codeshare agreements with other companies, allowing them to reach new destinations more easily.

Currently, the airline flies long-distance from Madrid to Cancún, Havana, Mauritius, Jamaica, Punta Cana and Santa Clara. It also connects the Peninsular Spain, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands with several cities in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Sweden and Norway.

Starting in April, it will begin operating a route to San José, Costa Rica, from Lisbon, and another to the Maldives from Madrid.


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