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Costa Rica Tourism Board

To offer better customer service, the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT in Spanish) is being renovated. As a part of this process, we put at your disposal a web site with a modern design that includes an array of information to help speed up institutional procedures, operations, and consultations.

We are the governing tourism institution in Costa Rica; our premise is constant innovation so that tourism activities become the engine for the economic growth of the country.

We are the governing tourism institution in Costa Rica; our premise is constant innovation so that tourism activities become the engine for the economic growth of the country.



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Every tourism indicator for Costa Rica in one place.



Tourism Sustainability

Our mission to protect the environment has made us stand out.



and Citizen Information

Quick access list to every kind of ICT procedure and consultation.

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Hotel Alta Gracia en Pérez Zeledón entre los más románticos del mundo

Considerado por el sitio http://beforeitsnews.com/ como uno de los más románticos del mundo, el hotel Alta Gracia, ubicado en Pérez Zeledón, figura en una lista elaborada por el portal con los centros de hospedaje ideales para disfrutar del amor junto a su pareja. Este hotel es sólo para aquellos que quieren permanecer en uno de los lugares más románticos del planeta. Los clientes sólo pueden llegar a este hotel en avión o helicóptero, ya que está situado en la montaña. Además de los alojamientos exuberantes, lo que hace que este hotel sea único son los muchos servicios. Hay una bodega, cine y salas de lectura. Altagracia también tiene varias piscinas, que se llenan con agua de manantial natural. Entre otros de los hospedajes mencionados por el artículo están el Masseria Torre Cocaro, en Puglia, Italia; The Savoy en Londres, Inglaterra; La Casa que Canta, en Playa Arroba, México; y Cheval Blanc Randeli, en Maldivas. Para mayor información puede ingresar al sitio http://beforeitsnews.com/travel/2016/02/romantic-hotels-around-the-world-2478926.html

Tourism in Costa Rica

Viistantes por MOtivo de Viaje Placer

75% travel for vacation purposes.

75% of the people visiting Costa Rica travel for vacation, pleasure, and leisure; while only 13% do so for professional and business purposes.

Más de 2 Millones de visitas anuales

More than 2 million visits per year.

Costa Rica has a constant visit growth year after year; and, it remains as the main destination of the Region.

Satuisfacción del Turísta

68% enjoy the sun and beaches of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica offers idyllic beaches in both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, becoming a favorite destination for this activity

Notes Section


With the new Museum Walk Pass, you can now visit the Jade Museum, the pre-Columbian Gold Museum, and the National Museum of Costa Rica, where you will be able to visit the stone, ceramic, jade and gold wonders as well as the temporary exhibitions of all three museums.

Museum Walk Passes are on sale beginning in July at the museums’ box offices. At time of purchase, 25% will be saved on each ticket bought for Costa Ricans and 10% if the visitor is a foreigner.


If you want to know more about the indigenous culture and their different events, you can enjoy the 2017 Maleku Festival on October 7th, which will demonstrate the Maleku gastronomy, art, history and traditions to the public.

The Maleku Cultural Festival will allow participants to live the customs and ancient traditions of this town as well as all of the eye-catching flora and fauna.

Participants can also enjoy traditional Maleku crafts, traditional food and rec


The International Conference Sustainable Tourism Planet, People, Peace in Costa Rica will be the last event of the year for the celebration of the International Sustainable Tourism for Development.

Taleb Rifai, the World Organization for Tourism’s (WOT) Secretary General, invited by the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), will visit Costa Rica for the sixth edition of the International Conference Planet, People, Peace – P3, Costa Rica’s most important eve


The Ballena Marine Park in the South Pacific of our country is ready for nature lovers to come and enjoy the sightings of whales and dolphins. During this season these mammals approach the park’s coastline due to the special water conditions.

From the 15th to the 18th, and the weekends of the 23rd and 30th of September, the Costa Rican Tourism Board invites you to the 2017 Whale and Dolphin Festival. Come enjoy the programmed events such as activities on the beach

Costa Rican Art Museum unveils Margarita Bertheau's artwork

The show “Margarita Bertheau Unplublished", consists of watercolor and oil pieces and drawings such as the reproductions of her most memorable murals.  This is the first exhibition dedicate...

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Youth Symphony Orchestra celebrates peace with a musical tour of Central America

  Through musical notes, the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the National Institute of Music (OSJ) will commemorate the 13th Anniversary of the Signing of the Peace Agreement in Central America. Un...

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The National Lyric Company Operas will be projected to the public free

  Lovers of the opera and lyrical singing in Costa Rica will be able to relive the different productions performed by the National Lyric Company (CLN) since 1980, which will be free of charge to...

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Enjoy the play “The Giant, the Tailor and the King”

  Costa Rica’s National Theater presents “The Giant, the Tailor and the King,” a play that the entire family will enjoy. The play will be showing from September 16th until Octo...

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