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To offer better customer service, the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT in Spanish) is being renovated. As a part of this process, we put at your disposal a web site with a modern design that includes an array of information to help speed up institutional procedures, operations, and consultations.

We are the governing tourism institution in Costa Rica; our premise is constant innovation so that tourism activities become the engine for the economic growth of the country.

We are the governing tourism institution in Costa Rica; our premise is constant innovation so that tourism activities become the engine for the economic growth of the country.



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The World Organization for Tourism’s Secretary General to visit Costa Rica


The International Conference Sustainable Tourism Planet, People, Peace in Costa Rica will be the last event of the year for the celebration of the International Sustainable Tourism for Development.

Taleb Rifai, the World Organization for Tourism’s (WOT) Secretary General, invited by the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), will visit Costa Rica for the sixth edition of the International Conference Planet, People, Peace – P3, Costa Rica’s most important event regarding sustainable tourism.

Rifai will be part of the 25 international presenters attending from 15 different countries that will be at the P3 conference, event that will commemorate in Costa Rica the International Sustainable Tourism for Development Year, so declared by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The five previous conference editions organized by the National Chamber for Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism (CANAECO) along with the ICT, have gathered over 1100 national and international participants and over 110 experts from all 5 continents.

The Tourism Minister Mauricio Ventura explained that during this administration, Costa Rica has had a greater presence and involvement at the World Organization for Tourism. We have a seat in the Executive Council at the World Organization for Tourism (WOT) representing the countries of the American continent, we participated in the launch of the International Sustainable Tourism for Development Year and the First Lady of Costa Rica, Mercedes Peñas, was part of the high level representatives from around the world who were present at the event’s inauguration. The WOT rewarded Costa Rica from among the 55 nations and 139 participating candidates, with a prize for Innovation and Excellence in Tourism, in which the country attained the second place in the category for Public Policies and Governance, by becoming the first country to measure the index of Social Progress in Tourism Centers.

The General Assembly of the United Nations also designated President Luis Guillermo Solis, as the special envoy of the International Sustainable Tourism for Development Year and for the first time in history, ICT established an alliance with the WOT and CNN International to develop the new touristic identity “Costa Rica. My choice, Naturally”.

Due to that, according to Ventura, the work that has been executed along with the WOT, contributes to the positioning of Costa Rica as an integral sustainable tourism destination, that cares for the welfare of communities and is the engine to social and economy development of the country.

“It is a true honor that Mr. Rafai, being the highest tourism expositor in the world, has accepted the invitation done during the International Tourism Fair (FITUR, Spain), to make the P3 conference to be held in Costa Rica, more prominent. Aside from honoring us with his presence, he will come accompanied by a delegation of the highest profile from the WOT. This is a historical event that reinforces our image worldwide. For the first time ever, the United Nations has dedicated a year to tourism and what the industry represents and our country is taking advantage of the unique opportunity to make eco of what we are and consolidate ourselves as a destination, vanguard in tourism matters” said Ventura.

Mr. Rafai is the Secretary General at the WOT since 2010. Between February 2006 and February 2009, he had been Adjunct Secretary General.

From January 2003 to Februrary of 2006, Mr. Rafai was the Subdirector General of the Internataional Work Organization (OIT). Prior to his appointment, Mr. Rifai held various ministry portfolios in the Government of Jordan, where he was Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Minister of Information and Minister of Planning and International Cooperation.

"For the country, Mr. Rifai’s visiting us is of great relevance and even more so in the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development; this gives evidence and recognition that we are a reference country in this area. The main objective of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism is to celebrate and promote the contribution of the tourism sector to building a better world. In this manner, the P3 Conference has become a learning platform that brings together entrepreneurs and world leaders from different sectors to share knowledge and share their experience, "explained Jackeline López, president of CANAECO.

P3 strengthens Costa Rica's position as a responsible destination, highlighting the efforts, good practices and innovative initiatives undertaken by the tourism industry and the different public and private sectors of the country.

The International Conference on Sustainable Tourism Planet, People, Peace will be held from October 9th through 11th at the Intercontinental Hotel, where organizers are offering special prices for groups of 3 or more people, and those interested can register online using the link: http://planetapersonaspaz.com/index.php/es/inscribase, direct inquiries to 2290-2825 or find more information on Facebook: @planetpeoplepeace.


Tourism in Costa Rica

Viistantes por MOtivo de Viaje Placer

75% travel for vacation purposes.

75% of the people visiting Costa Rica travel for vacation, pleasure, and leisure; while only 13% do so for professional and business purposes.

Más de 2 Millones de visitas anuales

More than 2 million visits per year.

Costa Rica has a constant visit growth year after year; and, it remains as the main destination of the Region.

Satuisfacción del Turísta

68% enjoy the sun and beaches of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica offers idyllic beaches in both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, becoming a favorite destination for this activity

Notes Section



  • The airline will offer two direct flights to our country.
  • With this connection between San José and Amsterdam-Schiphol, there will be access to 131 destinations around the world.

Today, Royal Dutch Airlines opened their direct flight to Costa Rica. The airline will fly directly to San José, Costa Rica (Amsterdam-San José-Amsterdam) twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) during the European winter (November to Mar


In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Nate, the Costa Rica government has announced two recovery effort priorities: restoring all national highways and continued monitoring of the affected areas.

President Luis Guillermo Solís, together with the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Care (CNE), which is part of the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), and other first responders, have worked tirelessly to restore operations throughout the country in the s

In the wake of Tropical Storm Nate and as a follow-up to the response to the situation occurred, the President of the Republic, Luis Guillermo Solís, together with the Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias (National Risk Prevention and Emergency Response Commission, or CNE) of which the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) and other first response institutions are members, have taken on the task of responding in a comprehensive fashion to the storm's impact a


  • The Board reiterates the importance of the tourism sector protecting tourists’ safety.
  • It maintains coordination with the Emergency Operations Center (COE in Spanish), the Chamber of Tourism and Airports. 
  • ICT provides personnel working emergency, as well as the 800 – TURISMO line. Central line 22995800 / 5738 has also been opened.

The ICT strongly urges all tourism companies to work together with local committees

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