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Costa Rica Tourism Board

To offer better customer service, the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT in Spanish) is being renovated. As a part of this process, we put at your disposal a web site with a modern design that includes an array of information to help speed up institutional procedures, operations, and consultations.

We are the governing tourism institution in Costa Rica; our premise is constant innovation so that tourism activities become the engine for the economic growth of the country.

We are the governing tourism institution in Costa Rica; our premise is constant innovation so that tourism activities become the engine for the economic growth of the country.



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The National Lyric Company Operas will be projected to the public free


Lovers of the opera and lyrical singing in Costa Rica will be able to relive the different productions performed by the National Lyric Company (CLN) since 1980, which will be free of charge to the public.

According to José Manuel Aguilar, artistic director of the CLN, the aim of this project was to spread the work done by those in the last four decades,

 "These videos are the result of the work done by the institution for so many years; they are a fundamental asset of Costa Rican lyric art and are part of our history. With these performaces, we want to bring opera lovers of all ages to know what the company has managed to produce in the course of its almost four decades of existence, "said the director.

The dates and names of the productions to be presented are the following:

- "Carmen", by G. Bizet (2003). Tuesday, September 19, 7:30 p.m.

- "Rigoletto", by G. Verdi (2004). Tuesday, October 10, 7:30 p.m.

All projects were created at the Building of the National Lyric Company, located in Los Colegios, Moravia. There is a capacity of 50 guests. Admission is free and no confirmation is required.


Tourism in Costa Rica

Viistantes por MOtivo de Viaje Placer

75% travel for vacation purposes.

75% of the people visiting Costa Rica travel for vacation, pleasure, and leisure; while only 13% do so for professional and business purposes.

Más de 2 Millones de visitas anuales

More than 2 million visits per year.

Costa Rica has a constant visit growth year after year; and, it remains as the main destination of the Region.

Satuisfacción del Turísta

68% enjoy the sun and beaches of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica offers idyllic beaches in both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, becoming a favorite destination for this activity

Notes Section



  • LATAM Airlines has chosen Costa Rica as its first Central American destination.
  • The air route will allow flights to Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay and Paraguay.

LATAM Airlines has launched its first flight to Costa Rica, making the country the first Central American destination for the airline.

Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera, President of the Republic of Costa Rica, noted that the arrival of this major airline

Enjoy the Museum Walk Pass

 With the new Museum Walk Pass, you can now visit the Jade Museum, the pre-Columbian Gold Museum, and the National Museum of Costa Rica, where you will be able to visit the stone, ceramic, jade a...

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